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(Instructions to Authorized Editors for Adding/Modifying/Deleting Statements)

Only individuals authorized by a TRB standing committee, task force and subcommittee can add or edit records in this database. Authorized editors (limited to one person per committee, subcommittee, or task force) must have a user name and password provided by TRB. If you are an authorized editor and do not have a TRB-issued user name and password, please contact James Bryant (see below).

Enter only research needs statements (RNS) that have been reviewed and approved by the sponsoring committee or task force, or have been generated and recorded as a product of a TRB-sponsored or –cosponsored conference or workshop. RNS developed by individual members should not be entered without a peer review and approval by the standing committee or task force. Subcommittee RNS may be entered if they have been approved by the parent standing committee. The RNS must not include specific recommendations as to what agency or organization should conduct the research.

Existing statements should be reconfirmed at least once every three years or they will be deleted from the database. Be sure to check the "Date Modified," as the three-year life of a statement begins with this date.

Authorized editors should navigate to and log in with user name and password to add, modify or delete their committees’ research needs statements. To add a RNS, click Add in the left-hand column. To modify or delete a RNS, click Modify/Archive in the left-hand column.

Required fields are title, Background/Description, sponsoring committee (including task force and subcommittee), and subject categories.

Title: Enter title of research needs statement – be specific and concise.

Background / Description: This background statement is an opportunity to convince the reviewer that the research statement addresses a serious issue and merits funding. It should set the context and relate the particular issue to larger national or regional goals and objectives.

A suggested, but not required, format for the text is available as an appendix to Funding Sources for Transportation Research: Competitive Programs online at:

Sponsoring Committee: Select only the committee for which you have authorization from the list provided. Contact James Bryant (see below) if your committee is not listed.

Subject Categories: Select between one and five from the list of topics provided.

All statements entered into the TRB research needs statement database are reviewed by the TRB Staff Representative responsible for the primary sponsoring committee, and by TRB indexing staff, who add indexing terms from the Transportation Research Thesaurus.

For questions or comments, contact:
James Bryant, Senior Program Officer, Technical Activities Division, Transportation Research Board
Phone: (202) 334-2087; E-Mail: