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Commercial Space Transportation Noise Model Validation


Airports and space facilities that wish to support the growing demand for commercial space operations must seek launch site operator licenses from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As these facilities are developed, environmental analysis will need to be conducted, including quantifying the noise from space operations. Accurate predictions of the noise exposure from space operations require a noise model that has been validated over a range of vehicle types, operations, and atmospheric conditions. ACRP Project 02-66 developed a rocket noise model compatible with FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) and ACRP Project 02-81 (ongoing) is building a high-fidelity dataset of space operations noise measurements. Additional research is needed to leverage the data collected from ACRP 02-81’s measurement campaign and validate the noise model developed under ACRP 02-66 to increase confidence in the accuracy of modeling of the noise generated by commercial space operations.


The objectives of this research are to design and conduct an evaluation and validation of the space operations noise model developed under ACRP 02-66 (Report 183) and to recommend future research efforts to improve model accuracy using the community noise measurement database collected under ACRP 02 81.

Sponsoring Committee:AV030, Environmental Impacts of Aviation
Date Posted:03/02/2021
Date Modified:03/09/2021
Index Terms:Commercial space transportation, Spacecraft, Noise, Sound level, Validation,
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Vehicles and Equipment

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