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Access for Active Modes of Transportation


Encouragement of alternative forms of transportation (other than personal vehicles) to, from and within the airport is important in order to minimize traffic and reduce emissions. While many airports are located within walking distance of office parks and public transit infrastructure, most airports cannot be accessed by pedestrians and bicyclists. The advent of new technologies like e-scooters and e-bikes is proving very popular in cities and can extend threshold travel distances for these modes to/from and within airports. Guidance is needed for airports to consider these modes in their master planning efforts, and potential strategies to collaborate with adjacent communities to benefit from these new modes of transportation.


The objective of this research is to provide guidance for airports in integrating active modes of transportation to and from the airport into the master planning process.

Sponsoring Committee:AV030, Environmental Impacts of Aviation
Date Posted:03/02/2021
Date Modified:03/09/2021
Index Terms:Airport access, Airport ground transportation, Nonmotorized transportation, Electric vehicles, Bicycles, Scooters,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Planning and Forecasting

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