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Non-auditory Health Effects of Aircraft Noise


Research has been published on non-auditory health effects of aircraft noise to determine whether there is definitive dose-response relationship for cardiac issues and other potential health impacts on humans. The epidemiological studies are often not well understood by either the public or the airport community, which can cause confusion over the correlation vs. causation of noise and health impacts. A summary and consolidation of this type of research, and guidance on how to communicate the results to a non-technical general audience would be beneficial to airports.


The objective of this research is to survey and summarize current scientific literature on health impacts of aviation noise, and provide guidance to airports on how to communicate the results to the public.

Sponsoring Committee:AV030, Environmental Impacts of Aviation
Date Posted:03/02/2021
Date Modified:03/11/2021
Index Terms:Aircraft noise, Health, Cardiac disorder, Airports, Public health, Epidemiology,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Safety and Human Factors
Vehicles and Equipment

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