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Calculating Emissions Benefits of Using Airport Shuttles for Employee Commuting


Some airports have explored the use of airport-owned shuttle buses to provide additional airport employee commuting options - particularly during non-peak hours when the shuttle buses would otherwise be running infrequently or idling. In addition to providing an employee benefit, this may have air quality benefits by reducing air emissions from single passenger vehicle traffic. Research is needed to examine the potential benefits to these types of programs, and circumstances under which the Federal Aviation Administration would permit the use of federally funded buses for this dual purpose.


The objective of this project is to conduct a survey of airport practices to understand where the use of airport-owned shuttles are being used for employee commuting, and what the associated air quality benefits are from this service. This could be either a research project or a synthesis.

Sponsoring Committee:AV030, Environmental Impacts of Aviation
Date Posted:03/02/2021
Date Modified:03/11/2021
Index Terms:Shuttle buses, Employees, Commuting, Pollutants, Air quality, Off peak periods, Airports,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Administration and Management
Terminals and Facilities

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