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Roadmap to Achieve Zero Waste at Airports


Along with zero energy and zero carbon emissions, zero waste is a concept that has been gaining interest within the airport environmental community. There have been a number of ACRP and FAA documents in recent years developed to assist airports in reducing waste from construction, operations and in terminals. However, recycling has become more challenging and less economically feasible recently due to China’s new National Sword Policy, which means that China no longer accepts recycled materials from the U.S. due to contamination issues. As a result, the imperative to reduce waste at the source has grown. Airports have worked to reduce waste and increase recycling for years, but additional information on how airports can achieve zero waste is needed, particularly through composting of organic waste, reducing waste through smarter procurement, and working with tenants and concessionaires to reduce their waste as well.


The objective of this research is to develop a guidebook and a methodology or process for airports to develop a roadmap to achieve zero waste. The roadmap should outline what projects or enabling projects airports can take in a phased approach.

Sponsoring Committee:AV030, Environmental Impacts of Aviation
Date Posted:03/02/2021
Date Modified:04/19/2021
Index Terms:Procurement, Waste management, Tenants, Concessions, Airports, Airport operations, Recycling,
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Terminals and Facilities

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