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Best Management Practices of Reverting Paved Roadways to Granular Surfaced Roads


A widespread shortage of Federal, State, and local funding and decreasing revenues are forcing road departments to tear up failing pavements. Because of the lack of funds, these pavements are being reverted back to granular surfaced roads. Local road departments are the most affected by the funding shortfall, as can be evidenced by the increasing number of news media coverage of the practice. However, several State Departments of Transportation are also beginning to revert some of their rural routes to gravel. With the costs of maintenance and rehabilitation or re-construction of aging infrastructure and pavements increasing, continuously shrinking budgets, and increasing loads from agricultural, energy, and freight loads, the practice of reverting pavements to gravel will continue to grow.


To gather the state of the practice on reverting pavements to granular surfaced roads.


Identify the best management practices on the process of removing pavements and replacing with granular surfaces to assist practitioners in decision-making.

Sponsoring Committee:AFB30, Low-Volume Roads
Date Posted:03/15/2019
Date Modified:04/18/2019
Index Terms:Gravel roads, Highway maintenance, Pavement maintenance, Low volume roads,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Maintenance and Preservation

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