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Decision Trees for Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation


Multimillion dollars are spent annually for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation. Selecting the right treatment at the right time for the right location leads to efficient cost effective methods of managing pavements. The new Federal Transportation bill requires state agencies to use a risk-based approach for project selection and to implement modern pavement management systems to determine cost effective strategies for managing the National Highway System. Decision trees are also a critical component of any pavement management system. The factors and thresholds used in the decision tree can have a major impact on the outcome of proposed and planned maintenance and rehabilitation projects. Decision trees can also be used independently of the pavement management system to determine pavement maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.


The objective of this synthesis study to document agency practices for the following information:

· - How was the decision tree for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation developed?

  • What are the different factors included in the decision tree?

· Is the decision tree based on individual distresses or composite scores?

· What are the thresholds used in the decision for the different factors?

· Does the decision tree include a structural index?

· How often is the decision tree updated?

· How are the recommendations for treatments provided by the decision tree validated?

· What are the similarities and differences between decision trees used by agencies in the same climatic region?


Cost-effective funding allocation to pavement maintenance and rehabilitation to preserve the "State-of-Good Repair"

Sponsoring Committee:AKT10, Pavement Management Systems
Research Period:6 - 12 months
Research Priority:High
RNS Developer:Magdy Mikhail (Texas Department of Transportation), Adrian Archilla (University of Hawaii), Carlos Chang (University of Texas at El Paso)
Date Posted:02/12/2019
Date Modified:02/19/2019
Index Terms:Decision trees, Pavements, Pavement maintenance, Rehabilitation (Maintenance),
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Maintenance and Preservation
Planning and Forecasting
Transportation (General)

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