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Data Requirements for Managed Lane Performance Assessment


Data standards are needed for the assessment of managed lanes performance at the facility and regional levels, as well as for use in managing interconnected corridors. Data are needed to demonstrate compliance with federal, state and MPO performance standards and to assess the effectiveness of regional policies. Similarly, financing and funding commitments also require agencies to meet specific performance metrics. Given the complex nature of behavioral and pricing response models used in travel demand, behavioral choice, simulation, and on-road operations (e.g., weaving), data requirements have become much more complicated over time. Development of data repositories needs to consider factors such as:

  • The form and format, as well as the spatial and temporal resolution of required data
  • Methods of data collection, data management, data analysis, and data sharing

  • The quality and reliability of data as a function of data collection and processing methods

  • Data access and security provisions for interconnected data repositories

  • Multimedia dissemination of traffic operations and traveler information across modes

  • Real-time data communications to users across modes, including rideshare

  • In assessing managed lanes data requirements, the research team is expected to cast a much wider net than identifying the data needed to effectively run a traffic management or freeway operations center.


The goal of the proposed research is to develop practical guidance for regional transportation planning agencies and managed lanes operators to support the collection and dissemination of data that are needed for evaluating managed lane performance (tied to existing and future expected recommended metrics) and that are needed to assess the impacts of managed lane policies and operations on travel behavior and transportation operations at multiple spatial and temporal scales.


The proposed research will:

  • Perform a literature review designed to:

  • For a subset of first and second-generation managed lanes facilities, with and without pricing implementation, assess current data availability for use in assessing operations and effectiveness of managed lanes.

  • Identify potential new data sources and data collection strategies that could be implemented to collect data useful for performance assessment and modeling.

  • Develop a model data management plan that outlines data collection strategies, data management strategies, and data dissemination plans for managed lanes and transit operators that use managed lanes. The plan should address:

Sponsoring Committee:ACP35, Managed Lanes
RNS Developer:Nick Wood
Source Info:This research need was originally developed as part of a working group of members and friends of the TRB Managed Lanes Committee (AHB35). The working group consisted of these individuals: Randall Guensler, Robert Bain, Ross Chittenden, Elizach Dembinski, Casey Emoto, Chuck Fuhs, Darren Henderson, Md Sakoat Hossan, Thomas Jacobs, Dave Kristick, Jonathan Peters, Srikanth Panguluri, Myron Swisher, Patrick Vu, and Nick Wood.
Date Posted:09/20/2018
Date Modified:05/02/2019
Index Terms:Data analysis, Data banks, Data collection, Data management, Data warehouses, Data storage, Managed lanes, Performance measurement,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Data and Information Technology
Operations and Traffic Management
Planning and Forecasting

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