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Ferries to Bridges: The History of Passenger Transportation Across U.S. Navigable Waterways


There have been many systems replaced by bridges and a historical competitiveness between ferry and bridge operators. This has stemmed from cost, contemporary economies, and changing evvironments. It is worth reviewing this history in light of infrastructure costs and inflation.


To review where successful ferry services once existed and where they still do or might again.


Comprehesive background with forethought for future ferry demand that could be more cost-effective than bridge development.

Sponsoring Committee:AP085, Ferry Transportation
Research Period:6 - 12 months
Research Priority:Medium
RNS Developer:Noel P. Comeaux
Source Info:World Ferry Safery Association
Date Posted:01/07/2018
Date Modified:01/22/2018
Index Terms:Bridges, History, Ferries, Ferry service, Competition, Modal shift,
Marine Transportation
Pedestrians and Bicyclists
Public Transportation
Bridges and other structures
Passenger Transportation

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