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Rehabilitation Treatments and Traffic Control at Existing Roundabouts


Since roundabouts have less driving surface area than traditional intersections it is more difficult to manage traffic during maintenance and major rehabilition work.


To determing best practices for maintenance and rehabilation work while maintaining traffic in the intersection.


Helping agencies with determining maintenance and rehabilitation procedures.

Sponsoring Committee:AKD80, Roundabouts and other Intersection Design and Control Strategies
Research Period:12 - 24 months
Research Priority:Low
RNS Developer:Andrew Heidtke and Paul Vraney WisDOT.
Date Posted:08/10/2017
Date Modified:02/13/2020
Index Terms:Roundabouts, Rehabilitation (Maintenance), Traffic control, Work zone traffic control, Work zones,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Maintenance and Preservation
Operations and Traffic Management

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