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Pavement Materials for Roundabouts


Pavement performance is a concern for all roadways. Roundabouts should be experiencing fast wear and other surface problems due to lower speeds in combination with turning movements. Choices in pavement types also impacts wear, friction, shifting, rutting, drainage. Pavement installation may also be influencing driver behavior or can be used to improve driver information through the use of colors, textures and elevations. Pavement types studies would include those used for truck aprons, pedestrian crossings and areas and transit, such as weight impacts occurring on high frequency bus routes.


Provide information to assist in the selection of pavements to improve roundabout performance and address long terms issues of maintenance.


improved pavement choices to reduce long term costs and perform better daily.

Sponsoring Committee:AKD80, Roundabouts and other Intersection Design and Control Strategies
Research Period:12 - 24 months
Research Priority:Medium
RNS Developer:Gilliomee Matthee ITS Global and Philip Demosthenes CRC
Date Posted:08/10/2017
Date Modified:02/13/2020
Index Terms:Pavements, Paving materials, Pavement materials, Pavement design, Pavement performance, Roundabouts,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Maintenance and Preservation

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