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How to use autonomous vehicle, connected vehicle, and instrumented vehicle data to improve snow fighting operations


With the advent of advanced instrumentation of maintenance and commercial vehicles, there may be an opportunity to improve snow fighting techniques through efficiency of operation, ultimately leading to better winter road conditions. Unfortunately, the pace at which this technology is developing, the massive amount of data that could be produced, and the new systems and methods used to visualize the resulting information can be quite daunting and may lead to the delay in achieving the full benefit of such systems. Additionally, there is a need to evaluate and recommend how technologies in the areas of connected and autonomous vehicles can be used to improve snow fighting – either in harvesting data from such vehicles, or using these technologies in the maintenance vehicles themselves.


There are two pressing needs in the area of snow fighting in the area of autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, and instrumented vehicle data:

· Research that develops a national vision and roadmap to facilitate the use of large streams of data from plow AVL and connected vehicle technologies. Develop ways to use this data for improved winter operations treatment/scheduling decisions and well as broader road weather management strategies, e.g., weather-responsive traffic management.

· Research that shows how to apply autonomous and connected vehicle technology to winter maintenance vehicles.


DOTs will use the information gained from this research to determine how they should instrument their equipment so that they can improve snow fighting efforts. This will allow DOTs to jkeep the roads open which improves mobility for the public.

Sponsoring Committee:AKR40, Winter Maintenance
Research Period:12 - 24 months
Research Priority:High
RNS Developer:Joe Horton, Tina Greenfield
Date Posted:07/26/2017
Date Modified:01/11/2021
Index Terms:Mobile communication systems, Intelligent vehicles, Instrumented vehicles, Snow and ice control, Maintenance vehicles, Data mining, Winter maintenance,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Data and Information Technology
Maintenance and Preservation
Operations and Traffic Management
Vehicles and Equipment

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