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Synthesis Integration of Pavement Preservation into Pavement Management


Pavement preservation consists of many activities conducted by state highway and local agencies for managing the pavement network using relatively low cost treatments while the pavement is in good or fair condition. Because they are lower in cost, an agency can spread its limited budget over a larger portion of their network. Pavement preservation impacts agencies annual budget, short- and long-term financial plans, pavement service life, and pavement performance measures (including those proposed in the FAST Act). Pavement preservation has been recognized to be beneficial to maintaining surface characteristics, slowing the progress of distress, and extending pavement service life.

While recognized as beneficial, agencies are faced with a number of challenges with the integration of pavement preservation practices into the pavement management process. For example, challenges may include budget restrictions, sharing data across agency divisions, data capability issues, compatibility of data collection practices, methods for quantifying condition assessment on preservation treatments (both timing and types of distress), and defining performance models or treatment application rules.


The objective of this synthesis is to document agency practices, challenges, and success in integrating pavement preservation activities into the pavement management process. The study is also intended to showcase successful agency practices to aid agencies in the integration process.


Information to be collected will include, but not limited to:

  • Methods for sharing data across division
  • Methods for determining preservation budget needs
  • Methods for determining preservation treatment timing or performance models
  • Methods to quantify immediate impact on pavement performance when treatment is applied
  • Methods for determining the impacts of preservation treatment application
  • Methods for assuring appropriate roadway selection for preservation treatments
  • Best practices in performance management to quantify pavement preservation activities

Information will be collected through a literature review, a survey of state DOT and Canadian province personnel (both pavement preservation and pavement management staff), and selected follow up interviews for case examples.

Sponsoring Committee:AKT10, Pavement Management Systems
Research Period:6 - 12 months
Research Priority:High
RNS Developer:Linda Pierce, Judith Corley-Lay, Sui Tan
Date Posted:02/10/2016
Date Modified:02/16/2016
Index Terms:Preservation, Pavement management systems, Budgeting, Data collection, Performance measurement,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Administration and Management
Maintenance and Preservation
Planning and Forecasting

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