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10-3. Effective Methodology for Determining V2X Penetration to Reduce Overall Cost for Automated Vehicles


How is the penetration rate required determined for functional application of V2X in order to reduce the cost of automated vehicles? This should be addressed in terms of penetration in vehicles and rate of deployment in infrastructure. Effective use of V2X can greatly increase safety and mobility. Research and effective models will allow society at large to see the positive impact of V2X technology.


Two parts:

  1. to create effective methods for understanding the behavior and effects of penetration rates on the applicability of V2X

  2. to then use that understanding to accelerate deployment of V2X and reduce the cost of automated vehicles generally.

Related Research:

Look to possible NHTSA safety/benefit analysis on V2X technology. Look also to European studies and models for V2X deployment


Pertains to NHTSA rulemaking for both passenger and commercial vehicles - having research materials on this topic will help inform the deadlines and goals involved in the NHTSA mandate

For vehicle and communication device manufacturers (as well as sensor device manufacturers) it will inform where they should be focusing their research and funding, and will also give a guideline for effective deployment of V2X and sensor technology.


Any research done on this can be used as a road-map for effective deployment of V2X.


V2X, V2V, V2I, V2G, V2P, vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, market penetration, market deployment, urban infrastructure, rural infrastructure, deployment, communications networks

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Date Posted:10/07/2014
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Index Terms:Intelligent vehicles, Vehicle to infrastructure communications, Vehicle to vehicle communications, Automation, Vehicle safety, Market share,
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