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Promoting Increased Sustainability Awareness on the Inland Waterways


Many shippers and carriers have expressed an awareness of needing to reduce their carbon footprint. While inland waterways offer the most sustainable mode of transportation, this aspect is often overlooked and seldom capitalized on. It is imperative to raise awareness among stakeholders in the inland waterway community of the critical role sustainability will play in marketing and growing the system. Because considerations about sustainability are likely to increasingly inform shippers’ modal choices, highlighting the sustainability of the inland waterways and the economic and environmental benefits of using them will become a key selling point for any effort aiming to expand their use.


This research will develop strategies to improve shippers, carriers, port operators, and other industry stakeholders’ conceptual understanding of sustainability. By having a fuller knowledge of sustainability and the economic advantages it confers, inland waterways stakeholders will be able to more effectively market their services. Sustainability has in the past been a misunderstood concept, and inland waterway users need to be educated on the advantages - environmental, social and economic - that it offers their industry. Enumerating these virtues will give stakeholders the leverage to transform their operations and increase system utilization.

Sponsoring Committee:AW020, Inland Water Transportation
Date Posted:05/06/2014
Date Modified:05/27/2014
Index Terms:Inland waterways, Sustainable development, Greenhouse gases, Awareness, Mode choice, Environmental impacts,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Marine Transportation
Education and Training

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