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Toward an Automated National Roundabout Inventory


The number of modern roundabouts in the United States is increasing exponentially. The current count of perhaps 3,000 roundabouts could conceivably grow to as many as 450,000, the equivalent by population of the roundabout count in France or Australia, which themselves are adding more roundabouts continuously.

Because modern roundabouts reduce fatalities by more than 90%, and for other important reasons, this change is likely to have significant effects that are both anticipated and unanticipated. A fundamental starting point for tracking and understanding these impacts is a proper inventory of the roundabouts themselves.

Attempts to date to create and maintain an accessible, accurate and current roundabout inventory have been crippled by piecemeal approaches and reliance on scattered, erratic, and self-reporting by volunteers. The results fall far short -- and lag far behind -- what is needed.

This research will describe a practical approach for fairly easily creating and dynamically maintaining a complete, reliable roundabout inventory semi-automated, with only minimal dependence on human effort.

In addition, the research will describe many ways the inventory can be put to use.

Objective:Create and maintain a complete and reliable roundabout inventory using a semi-automated system.
Sponsoring Committee:AKD80, Roundabouts and other Intersection Design and Control Strategies
RNS Developer:Ken Sides, PE, PTOE, Ken.sides@myclearwater.com
Date Posted:04/13/2014
Date Modified:06/02/2014
Index Terms:Roundabouts, Traffic crashes, Fatalities, Automation, Inventory, Tracking systems, Austria, France, United States,
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Data and Information Technology

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