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Evaluation of Alternative Arresting System Materials


ACRP Report 29: Developing Improved Civil Aircraft Arresting Systems evaluated alternative materials for arresting systems. Arresting systems are meant to keep aircraft from leaving the Runway Safety Area (RSA) and are particularly useful when airports are unable to provide the desired RSA size due to land space constraints. Due to new developments in this area, ACRP Report 29 should be updated to account for and evaluate these new developments.

  • Consider this research idea if new developments in this area warrant reinvestigating alternative arrester system materials.

Update ACRP Report 29 to reflect new developments

Sponsoring Committee:AV070, Aircraft/Airport Compatibility
Date Posted:03/31/2013
Date Modified:08/18/2015
Index Terms:Aviation safety, Airport runways, Runway safety areas, Aircraft arrestor beds, Land use, Real estate development, Airport operations,
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