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Alternative Anti-Icing Runway Systems


Snow and ice removal on airfield property is an essential practice for the safe operation of many airports throughout a significant portion of the year. However, the most commonly deployed snow and ice removal practices, using snow plows and chemicals, are costly in terms of financial, staff, and environmental resources. Alternative anti-icing runway systems or methods should be investigated to evaluate their cost effectiveness and environmental impact. Alternative techniques that are found to be efficient and effective would provide airports with cost savings and lower environmental impacts.


Investigate alternative anti-icing runway systems or methods to provide cost savings and lower environmental impacts

Sponsoring Committee:AV070, Aircraft/Airport Compatibility
Date Posted:03/31/2013
Date Modified:08/18/2015
Index Terms:Anti-icing, Airport runways, Cost effectiveness, Environmental impacts, Winter maintenance,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Maintenance and Preservation

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