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Pilot Perception of LED Lighting


Due to their energy efficiency and life-cycle cost savings, light emitting diodes (LED) lighting has become a popular option for lighting at airports. However, pilots have expressed concerns over the lighting output of LED lights versus traditional incandescent lighting. Therefore, research is needed to evaluate the effect of LED lighting on pilots and the potential to reduce the lighting output of LED lights to provide adequate lighting without overwhelming pilots. There is existing guidance from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on taxiway lighting, but not on runway/landing lights.


To improve the design and implementation of airfield lighting systems used by pilots

Sponsoring Committee:AV070, Aircraft/Airport Compatibility
Date Posted:03/31/2013
Date Modified:08/18/2015
Index Terms:Light emitting diodes, Life cycle costing, Airports, Lighting, Air pilots, Taxiways, Guidelines, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration,
Cosponsoring Committees:ACH40, Human Factors of Infrastructure Design and Operations
Safety and Human Factors
Terminals and Facilities

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