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Are Roadways and Related Structures a Detriment to Safety in the Airport Environment?

Some airports have roadways that transverse approach areas.  Are the roadways contributing to the non survivability of a crash through the use of extreme cross sections and structures that are not truly break-a-way if impacted by an aircraft.  Do light fixtures, sign posts, culverts, etc. significantly reduce the survivability of a crash.  Will the roadway section that usually includes ditches and other drainage structures provide a negative environment?

Sponsoring Committee:AV020, Aviation System Planning
Source Info:Raymond Rought, Committee Member
Date Posted:04/13/2009
Date Modified:04/14/2009
Index Terms:Airport facilities, Airport operations, Airport runways, Airports, Highways, Culverts, Sign posts, Breakaway supports, Roadside structures,
Cosponsoring Committees: 
Safety and Human Factors
Terminals and Facilities

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