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A Strategic Plan (Roadmap) For Pavement Research

Research Background:

There currently is being spent considerable funds for pavement research in the United States. There are numerous research projects in the pavement area currently ongoing under the direction of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). These include NCHRP Project 1-37A, Development of the 2002 Guide for the Design of New and Rehabilitated Pavement Structures: Phase II that is expected to shift pavement design from the empirical concepts to mechanistic empirical concepts more adaptable to pavement design concepts for rehabilitation and preservation than most pavement design procedures in current use. Individual states, the Federal Highway Administration, and other public agencies also sponsor and conduct research in the pavement area. Data is being collected and, to some degree, analyzed from over 1000 sites for Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) monitoring. There is no master plan or strategic plan or roadmap to guide and focus all research in the pavement area. In some instances, there may be replication of work being done by different agencies. Pooled fund studies and Lead State approaches provide some continuity but a strategic plan or road map still is missing.


This proposal is to provide funding to support a two-day meeting of a selected number (25 to 40) of pavement engineers from throughout the United States. The objective of the two-day meeting is to develop a strategic plan or roadmap for needed research in the area of pavements.

A comprehensive strategic plan, accompanied by specific steps and procedures for implementation is needed. The strategic plan also should include a process to continually update and promote accomplishment of the plan.

A meeting of about 40 pavement professionals is considered essential to initiate this effort. The make-up of this group will come from state pavement design and pavement management engineers, recognized pavement engineers in the private sector, and from academia, members of AASHTO Subcommittees on Design, Materials, Construction, and Maintenance, members of the AASHTO JTFP, and other expert task groups from LTPP, the Transportation Research Board, the FHWA and other agencies. The meeting will require a facilitator to direct the focus of the meeting and a coordinator for pre-meeting developmental efforts and post-meeting implementation efforts.

The objective of this meeting would be to develop consensus as to the framework for a roadmap for pavement research in the United States. This would ultimately lead to the development of a comprehensive strategic plan for pavement research.

The AASHTO Joint Task Force on Pavements considers this effort essential toward improvement and coordination of future research in the pavement area, contributing eventually toward a nationally coordinated pavements research program.

The requested funding will cover the costs of preparing for the workshop, conducting the workshop, and reporting the results.


Estimated Cost: $80,000

Research Period:6 months


A lot of research is being done with no clear path to solve all important issues. This project will develop a roadmap for research in this area.


Dr German Claros TxDOT and AFD60 members.

Sponsoring Committee:AKP30, Design and Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavements
Source Info:AFD60 members
Date Posted:08/03/2007
Date Modified:08/14/2007
Index Terms:Pavement design, Pavement performance, Pavements, Paving, Research, Pavement engineering, Strategic planning, Pavement management systems,
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